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'Toffee' is about a blind beggar whose eyes open up to the world with a
small gesture from a  boy.

Toffee is directed by Vanshaj Kapur. 

Vanshaj Kapur is currently a Design student majoring in film. Being involved through internships and freelance work in the film industry had a huge influence on this film. He was recently an Assistant Director in the offbeat TV show BRING ON THE NIGHT with Babble Fish Productions featuring on MTV. He also assisted in  the Bollywood feature film “The Dirty Picture”. He is also a keen theatre and dance enthusiast.

Prasad Bhardwaja and Swapnil Kumawat



Prasad Bhardwaja and Swapnil Kumawat, Applied art graduates, have always been passionate about film making since 1997 when they were classmates in Govt. School of Art, Aurangabad.

This passion lead them to make short films. Till date these 30 year olds have written and directed 9 short films together covering various subjects like Alzheimer’s decease (Trapped) to hyper behavior of NEWS channels (Kya Aam Adami Surakshit Hai?), depression by loneliness of today’s youngsters (One Square) to fake life on social networking sites (Fakebook), etc. Most of these got recognition in different Film Festivals. 

They have always been inspired by people who believe in doing things. They like watching, discussing films, and are always interested in the content part of it. They study human emotions and physiology continuously.

Ultimate dream of any film maker is making a feature film. The duo started living their dream, and ‘Bhagaude’ is ready as an independent film.

All the films done by Prasad and Swapnil have the Basic Human Emotions as base. Even if location and actors are Indian, the concept is not limited only to India, anyone from anywhere can connect with that. ‘Bhagaude’ also falls in that category.

Swapnil & Prasad’s film ‘Trapped’ will be showcased at the Sunday Shots event on 21st Oct 2012 in Mumbai.




Saumin Mehta is the director of the short film called ‘Corridor’, a thriller where the protagonist gets stuck in an unending series of corridors.
Saumin was born and brought up in Mumbai. He completed his Bachelor of Commerce degree to eventually join his father’s business. He realized he had a passion for art and learnt 3D animation on his own Eventually he left the business and packed his bags off to Dubai. As an animator he joined Network Productions there and later moved on to compositing and visual effects. Further he started directing ad films.
He currently works as a finishing artist in Smoke for MBC group a reputed tv channel in Dubai. And where there’s Smoke there’s fire! (pun intended!) The fire was inside Saumin. His post production skills being quite strong he also started learning everything about pre production and production, including camera, lenses, lighting, screenwriting etc. on his own and started making independent films driven purely by passion.
He wants to make short films of every genre in the learning process and eventually get make a feature length.
He loves gadgets, technology, painting and is a self proclaimed sucker for DIY things. He pursues photography and keeps reading up on VFX.
Saumin idolizes Jim Morrison & Charlie Chaplin. He loves actors like Johnny Depp and Tom Hanks and is a religious follower of directors like Kubrick, Chaplin & Tarantino.
His favourite movie happens to be ‘Pulp Fiction’. 
When he’s free he loves spending quality time with his son, Rian.
Catch Saumin’s film ‘Corridor’ at Sunday Shots on the 21st Oct. 

(Source: saumin.com)



Ashish Rampal is a graduate in B.Com. He was born and brought up in Mumbai itself and was into the Car Audio Systems business which eventually he wrapped up to pursue his dream of becoming a film-maker.

Ashish Rampal has completed his direction course in November 2009 from Institute of MovingImages (Pune). Has worked as an Associate Creative Head for SabTv’s Mrs and Mr. Sharma Allahbadwale and currently runs a production house under the name Ashish Rampal Filmswhich produce: Short films, Documentary films, Music Videos, Public service ads & Ad films and is also assisting Mr.Soham Shah at Shree Ashtavinayak Cine Vision. Ashish loves music, is a big time foodie and loves films of mainly realistic comedy or dark genre. Cliched boring films and crowded places are on his hate list.

He idolizes Christopher Nolan and Martin Scorcesse because both of them make dark films which hit one’s psyche. This quality really attracts him because when one makes a film, especially a dark action/thriller, the audience should be at the edge of their seat all the time. Among Indian directors he loves the works of Raju Hirani, Vishal Bhardwaj and Anurag Kashyap.

Catch Ashish and his hilarious comedy ‘Chapter: Love’ at the Sunday Shots event on 21st Oct.

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